Our factory keep doing competitive products all the time. All products Three Year Warranty.

VITRUM 2019 The International Trade Show Specialized in machinery, equipment and systems for flat and hollow glass and in glass and processed products for industry.

"Walker" gives you options when it comes to glass edgework. Busetti two-sided horizontal edger specializes in ground and polished edges. Z.Bavelloini vertical edgers are dedicated to miter and beveled edge treatments. Choose from: Seamed, Flat Belt Ground or Flat Belt Seamed, Flat Ground, Flat Polished or Mitered Edges.

To provide you with notches and cutouts, the corners must have fillets. A fillet is a rounded corner of which the straight edge emerges. The radius of the fillet must be equal to or greater than the thickness of the glass, but not less than 1/2".

"Walker" gives you options the holes drilling capabilities starting at 1/4 inch. The two-sided hole drilling equipment offers precision accuracy.

For the last 2 months , most of my raw material suppliers have sent messages informing that the prices of their raw materials have been increasing significantly (up 8%-19%), so they have no alternative but to slightly increase their prices.

Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

There are primarily two types of safety glass.

These days , Our Chinese Factories are experiencing unexpected delays in productions and even closing theirs door for a couple of weeks.The reason is because Beijing is sending inspectors to make sure factories are complying with state environment rules in fighting the country's war on pollution.